Back to Panama

Last year, Nathaniel (my now 5 year old) and I toured Panama for a day and a half en route to Trinidad. It was the first time just the two of us traveled internationally and I was on crutches recovering from a torn Achilles. We had a blast. On our way to Ecuador this August as an entire family, we stopped in Panama for four days. We had a blast x2 (two more people and twice the fun). Here are a few picts from San Carlos and Panama City.

Panama IGThis couple ran into the water with a ton of excitement. – San Carlos, Panama

Panama IG-3There’s a fare amount of horse riding in the beach town of San Carlos. This family helped us with directions after we got turned around. – San Carlos, Panama

Panama IG-3-3Diablo Rojo buses are an old fleet of U.S. school buses that have been repurposed for public transportation. – Panama City, Panama

Panama IG-3-2The engineering at the Panama Canal is remarkable. Each commercial ship pays $100,000 to pass, each way. – Panama Canal, Panama

Panama IG-11.jpgThe kids were pretty eager to go to the beach… at 6 am. – San Carols, Panama

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