Cuba: 4 of a few

… and I’m done. Last batch. cuba_talexander_watermark-12A sign of changing relations – U.S. & Cuban flags hanging across from the capital building at Hotel Saratoga, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-15The view from our apartment balcony, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-2-7Not sure what they were waiting for but they hung out in this car for a good 20 minutes, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-29A game of pick up in the middle of the city. Right behind me was a major transportation depot, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-2-2Looking out of windows/balconies is a favorite pastime, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-23In Vedado, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-30I was as fascinated looking up as I was looking eye level, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-20Musicians at El Morro, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-18Nathaniel and Nour playing with cars at the Plaza de la Catedral, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-19Chevy – year unknown, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-2-8My favorite pict, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-5 Nah, this is my favorite pict, Havana.

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