Cuba: 3 of a few

… making my way through the SD card. This should be the second to last batch (I think). cuba_talexander_watermark-21Our taxi (horse) driver Ernesto, Varadero.

cuba_talexander_watermark-2-6I didn’t catch his name but he defined ‘cool’, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-14Nathaniel looking for sea shells on the beach, Varadero.

cuba_talexander_watermark-7Playground a few blocks from the Malecon, Havana.

Nour checking out our neighbor watering his plants, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-3-2Plaza de la Cathedral, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-285 p.m. hour in Vedado, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-2-3Before sunrise, Havana.

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