Apple Picking

This past Saturday was tons of fun… Baltimore Half-Marathon (I’ve never run up so many consecutive hills in my life), a gluttonous trip down memory lane to Pizzeria Uno (it’s been years and the Spinoccoli is still delish) and [insert drum roll please]… apple picking! Teri, Nathaniel and I took our first (and probably only) apple picking trip of the season.  I’m on my third serving of apple pie and ice cream for the evening as I sit here and type this.  Above are two shots from our trip.  The first kind of captures what I wanted to get.  Teri and Nathaniel in focus, but the depth of field on the apples in the forefront is too shallow (i.e., the apples are too blurry).  The second picture is posted to show the detail of the apples on the ground and what I intended to capture in the first, in addition to having Teri and Nathaniel as the focal point.  Not the perfect picture but a lesson learned. – October 13, 2012

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