Cuba: 1 of a few

Last week, Teri, the boys and I spent 4 days in Cuba. Most of our time was spent in Havana, with a little bit of time spent in the beach town of Varadero. What a short, but great experience for all of us. One afternoon, as we stepped out of our apartment in Havana, Nathaniel turned to me and said, “Daddy, this is cool.” I asked him, “What about it is cool?” He responded, “Everything.”

cuba_talexander_watermark-16En route with the family. One of the best trips I’ve taken.

cuba_talexander_watermark-9Obrapria St., Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-101956 Chevrolet Classic, Havana.

cuba_talexander_watermark-13On the streets of Boca de Camarioca, Varadero.


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