I’ve been thinking about Sandy all week, as most of us have.  I spent the past week in San Francisco and it felt weird to think about posting pictures from my trip without acknowledging the devastation in the Northeast.  These are a few picts my cousin snapped with his phone while helping with the clean up in Rockaway, NY – one of the areas most hardest hit.  In his words, people in that area “lost everything and have nothing.”  These pictures provide a snippet of all that was lost as a result of the hurricane. – November 3, 2012

One thought on “Sandy

  1. Incomprehensible! Today it was snow on top of that. How come you used two superlatives – most hardest. Was it for emphasis. I had a successful trip – did a reading at a library and one at my elementary schoo. Both were enlightening experiences.

    Brenda “And this too will pass.”


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